Busáras, Dublin

As an old, but not “properly” old building, Dublin’s main bus terminal, Busáras (Irish, literally “bus building”) is maligned by many. As I pass it twice a day almost every day, I’ve gotten quite interested in it and have come to appreciate it a quite a lot.


It’s quite a hard subject to photograph, as it’s surrounded on all four sides by a mixture of road traffic, Luas light rail vehicles and overhead utility lines.

From Amiens St

Unfortunately, the building is very closed off from the street, with access through only one side.

Western elevation

It is really quite detailed, with each frontage presenting a range of decoration from minimalist to really quite detailed. From Amien Street, a heavy slab of Portland stone cladding bookends the main office accommodation.


Some of a decorative features include a set of primary coloured canopies on the top occupied floor, barely visible from street level.

Decorative canopies

As I get a chance I will be updating this post.


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