First post

This blog was started as a means to catalogue some photos I have taken and liked and which have spilled over from and 500px. I find the format of these sites a little too immediate, i.e. one is always hesitant to upload anything but the newest and best for fear of absence of likes, favourites or comments.

I am lucky to be in a position to explore and shoot around Dublin, a city that I love, and hope to share some findings here. I find myself taking mainly urban photos in colour, although I really enjoy other people’s street photography. Perhaps I will see differently and start taking some more street photos in the classical style.

I like WordPress, having used for a paying gig, (winter maintenance for Ireland). I have copied Alan P. and his excellent blog Alan P. in Hong Kong in selecting the Ari theme (also available Ari for Thank you for reading.

Front Square Trinity College Dublin